JD Environmental, LLC BBB Business Review

The Only Foundation of Real Business is Service.

Our Services Include:

  • Asbestos Inspections

    • ​We professionally inspect and take samples of any possible asbestos containing building materials.

    • Pricing of inspections includes a base of $300.00 for the inspection and $15.00 per sample tested with 24-Hour turnaround times. This not only includes the inspection itself, but also the travel time to the site being inspected; any necessary paperwork; shipping and analyzing fees for samples taken; and other fees pertaining to the licensing of our inspectors.

    • We typically use SanAir Technologies Laboratory located in Powhatan, VA for the testing and analyzing of our samples. After our office receives the samples from our inspector, a Chain of Custody (COC) is filled out and the samples are shipped overnight via FedEx. The lab typically receives the package around 9 or 10 AM (CST), which is when the turnaround time begins.

    • If you would like samples within a 3-Hour (PCM) or 4-Hour (TEM) turnaround window, then we do charge an expediting fee of $15.00 per sample, as well. These sample results are usually received no earlier than 1 PM (CST).

  • Free Estimates

    • ​No two projects are the same; therefore "one price does not fit all." We will evaluate your situation upon receiving the test results from SanAir's lab, itemize the services needed and describe your options. We provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable estimates.

    • Should no asbestos be found during the inspection we will provide you with a letter explaining this and only the inspection fee ($300.00) will be billed to you.

    • Should no asbestos be found in samples sent to SanAir's lab, then a letter and report will be provided to you explaining this. Billing of the services provided will then be based off of the inspection fee ($300.00) and how many samples were analyzed ($15/sample) and this varies by site.

  • Options Explained

    • Each of your options will be explained and discussed with you. After reviewing your options, and depending on your plans for the site, you will be able to make an informed decision that meets your goals.

  • Asbestos Removal

    • ​We professionally remove any and all asbestos containing materials. All removal meets State of Wisconsin and Federal Agencies regulations for Asbestos Abatement. All personnel, workers, and supervisors have asbestos licenses from the State of Wisconsin, Department of Health Services. Insurance certificate available upon request.

    • DNR And Department of Health Notifications 
      • Per the State of Wisconsin, any renovation, demolition or fire-training burn that is to be completed on any structure that does or does not contain asbestos is required to have a notification submitted to the appropriate department. This notification can be submitted the day before a project begins for an added fee, otherwise it must be submitted two working days or ten working days prior to the start date depending on the type of project.

      • If no asbestos is present, we will submit the notification for you so that the project may continue. If asbestos is present, we will submit the notification for the project and may provide the abatement for you, if you prefer.

      • Pricing of DNR and DHS Notifications vary based on the type of project and the type of structure, but start at $50.00. We typically include the estimated notification fee in our estimates.

  • Lead Removal

    • ​We professionally remove all hazardous lead containing materials. Just like our asbestos inspectors, workers and supervisors are licensed, so are our lead abatement workers and supervisors. Insurance certificate available upon request.

      • Department of Health Services Notifications

        • The State of Wisconsin's Department of Health Services requires that all lead-based paint activities submit a notification a minimum of two working days before the project starts.​ An occupant protection plan is then provided to the property owner prior to the project start date.

  • Quality Service

    • ​Customer orientated, we are considerate of you and the site. The premises will be protected and respected while we are working. Our employees arrive promptly and will perform the tasks discussed, "we do what we say we will do". Included in our quality service, our clean up will leave the site better then when we arrived.

"We treat you as we would like to be treated."