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Sample Analysis: JD Environmental, LLC provides the option to send samples to our laboratory for them to be analyzed for asbestos or mold. This option is recommended only for projects that are small renovations, such as flooring installations. Any other projects, such as multiple room or whole house renovations, demolitions, or fire burns, would require a full asbestos inspection.

We typically use SanAir Technologies Laboratory located in Powhatan, VA for the testing and analyzing of our samples. After our office receives the samples, a Chain of Custody (COC) is filled out and the samples are shipped overnight via FedEx. The lab typically receives the package around 9 or 10 AM (CST), which is when the turnaround time begins. The samples can either be taken by our inspector or they can be dropped or mailed to us.

The turnaround times are 3-Hour and 24-Hour, not including weekends or holidays. For example, if we receive a sample on a Thursday, the lab will receive them on Friday and we will get 3-Hour results by 2 PM (CST), or else 24-Hour results will be received the following Monday.

The basic analysis method we typically use for bulk asbestos samples is the PLM EPA-600/R-93/116. For tape, bulk or swab samples of mold, we typically use the Direct Identification of Fungi analysis method. 

Sample Analysis Costs:

  • Processing Fees
    • $100 for our inspector to come take the samples at the project location*
    • $50 for you to drop the samples off or mail them to us
  • Sample Fees
    • Asbestos Samples (Bulk Sample Method)
      • 3-Hour Turnaround Time = $25 per sample analyzed
      • 24-Hour Turnaround Time = $15 per sample analyzed
    • Mold Samples (Air, Tape, Bulk or Swab Methods)
      • 3-Hour Turnaround Time = $55 per sample analyzed
      • 24-Hour Turnaround Time = $35 per sample analyzed

If there is no asbestos or mold present in the samples provided, then we will provide a letter stating so, as well as an invoice for the sample analysis fees and a copy of the lab report. However, if asbestos or mold is detected in the samples analyzed, then we could discuss your options of asbestos abatement or mold remediation.

*Please note the $100 processing fee for our inspector to come take samples at a project location is only for small renovation projects, such as flooring installations. JD Environmental, LLC reserves the right to determine if a full asbestos inspection is needed for a project. We will inform the customer prior to coming out to the project site if it will be a full asbestos inspection or not depending on your projects needs. Please contact our office at 262-728-6400 for more information.